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Rural Bank of Rizal (ZN), Incorporated was established in August 29, 1975 with eleven (11) entrepreneurs as incorporators and is duly authorized by BANGKO SENTRAL NG PILIPINAS (BSP) and a member of PHILIPPINE DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION (PDIC). The SEC Registration was issued on December 7, 1976 with Registration No. 71056. The CBP Certificate of Authority was issued on December 27, 1976 ; No. B805.

It commenced its operation on January 17, 1977. The Program Components of Rural Bank of Rizal (ZN), Inc. then was Training, Savings Mobilization, Credit Services, Insurance and others.

Rural Bank of Rizal (Zn), Inc. or commonly known in the province as Rizal Rural Bank or simply RBR, is located in Mapang, Rizal, Zamboanga del Norte as head office, with four (4) established branches in Dipolog City, Polanco, Sindangan, and Calamba, Misamis Occidental. It is headed by its President and CEO, ATTY. ALBERTO P. CONCHA, with eight (8) members of the board. RBR was honored with an award by the Landbank of the Philippines as Most Outstanding Rural Bank in Region IX FOR 2002 & 2003.

Rizal Rural Bank has recognized the potential of microfinance as one of the effective tools to empower the low-income entrepreneurs to improve the quality of their lives. RBR is driven by its common desire to make lasting positive change in the lives of the poor it professes to serve.

Micro Finance is defined as the provision of a broad range of financial services catering to low income entrepreneurs. It includes credit, savings, insurance, remittances and payment services. Small and medium entrepreneurs often resort to informal lenders to augment their meager capital due to lack access to the services of financial institutions. Through microfinance, micro-entrepreneurs are able to avail of small loans and other financial services that provide them the means to create more products, improve their services, expand their market and ultimately increase their income and economic activities. There is sufficient evidence that low-income entrepreneurs are able to save, repay their loans and use credit productively.

Thus, RBR finally opened its doors to micro-financing in 1998 in addition its traditional banking operations. While its traditional banking operations were doing well, repayment problems under the microfinance program eventually began to surface due to the absence of a concrete microfinance methodology and an effective Management Information System (MIS) for the Program. In 2002, after a series of exposures and seminars on Micro-finance in various institutions, it established its microfinance program using the Grameen Methodology-- the KAUSWAGAN SA KINABUHI PROGRAM or (KSKP). Its task was to implement the Bank’s development programs that will have direct impact on poverty reduction. Rizal Rural Bank implemented KSKP whose objective was to provide non-collateralized loans to enterprising poor women.

Name Position
Concha, Albert T. Jr.President / Chairman
Mah, Dug Christoper B. Vice President
Mah, Cristina B. Corporate Treasurer
Montaño, Francisco A. Corporate Secretary
Concha, Filomena T. Director
Concha, Mary Carmel L. Director
Concha, Richard T. Director
Concha, Diana Charlette G. Director
Lim, Joseph Y. Director
Mah, Mark E. Director
Ang, Arlene T. Independent Director
Name Position
Lawagon Lucila A. Chief Operating Officer
Tan, Romena G. Treasury Head
Odantabao, Paul N. Human Resource Officer
Baes, Roderick L. Chief Compliance Officer
Elma, Shylene Noreen D. Chief Accountant
Labisig, Hansard G. Internal Audit Head
Uycoco, Roy Mark V. Operation Manager
Ricamora, Vivian D. Compliance Officer
Borja, Ma. Bonita A. MIS Officer
Velasco, Rex Allan Q. Property Procurement Officer
Nunag, Adrian C. Legal Assistant
Roslinda, Jay A. Internal Audit Staff
Samson, Maria Hazel R. Tax/AMLC Officer
Santos, Evren L. Senior Monitoring Officer
Congreso Jr., Monico F. Senior Appraiser / ROPA Officer
Polinar, Arlyn S. Jewelry Supervisor
Sali, Abraham M. Jr. mSME Director
Ronquillo, Chinette A. Internal Audit Head-OIC
Enon, Rhea Lin S. Acctg. Assistant
Buñao, Grace S. Budget/Payroll Officer
Lañojan, Gerlito T. Internal Audit Staff
Pesales, Bernie F. Chief Security Officer
Elumbaring, Mariel P. Corporate Clerk
Soledad, Owen Oliver B. Appraiser / ROPA Officer
Ballesteros, Nichole B. Appraiser / ROPA Officer
Alberca, Claire Mae N. Compliance Staff
Lawagon, Ma. Fatima A. Internal Audit Staff
Secosana, Elver J. Information Security Officer
Estomata, Julius Caesar H. IT Staff
Catalan, Mike Chester L. HR Associate
Equia, Pol Ian C. Jewelry Supervisor-OIC

Rizal Branch

Name Position
Lagorra, Jyn P. Branch Manager
Acorin, Jazzie Mae E. Cashier
Tacal, Lucel O. Bookkeeper
Torculas, Roy D. Account Officer - Secured
Bato, Ianlie L. Loans Officer
Darug, Aiza Fe M. Loans Bookkeeper
Curam, Janelle C. Teller
Agolong, Ryan Jay E. Monitoring Officer
Daymiel, Irene O. Jewelry Appraiser
Caburnay, Jetford S. Account Officer
Tormis, Kimberly C. Teller
Revil, Mariejane G. Loans Clerk
Enao, Jessel P. New Accounts Clerk
Mutia, Noel B. Account Officer
Orga, Charlito M. Jr. Account Officer
Cheng, Welannie M. Asst. Bookkeeper

Dipolog Branch

Name Position
Santander, Donabel O. Branch Manager
Hamoy, Angelie S. Cashier
Cabanlit, Sheba V. Bookkeeper
Agum, Ariel A. Loans Officer
Jauculan, Mark Jade J. Monitoring Officer
Columnas, Princess Nizzin P. Teller
Leones, Jessa P. Teller
Delana, Noriel O. Jewelry Appraiser
Laput, Aiza L. Loans Bookkeeper
Pango, Rose Mae L. New Accounts Clerk
Vergara, Ginalyn G. Asst. Bookkeeper
Mapa, Jay Arthur D. Account Officer
Tago, Rex P. Account Officer - Secured
Rendoque, Cherryfel A. Jewelry Loans Clerk
Brusas, Marianne Sharmaine A. Loans Clerk
Doong, Anthony G. Account Officer
Bermudo, Ariel E. Account Officer

Polanco Branch

Name Position
Suarez, Merbeth O. Branch Manager
Villas, Gay T. Cashier
Teondo, Arsel I. Bookkeeper
Vargas, Victor G. Account Officer - Secured
Pantenople, Ronald T. Monitoring Officer
Caermare, Jennifer B. Jewelry Appraiser
Delana, Rheyji A. Account Officer
Calago, Dores B. Teller
Cohena, Jaya N. Teller
Rudas, Jonathan S. Loans Officer
Hibaya, Kenny Jera Maye A. Loans Bookkeeper
Narvaez, Ian O. Account Officer
Lacaya, Petchiena G. New Accounts Clerk
Secretaria, DC Dougphar D. Loans Clerk
Indig, Laurice Arfel L. Loans Clerk
Corado, John Carlos C. Account Officer
Cuajao, John Paul M. Account Officer

Calamba Branch

Name Position
Cuevas, Jasper Carl Y. Branch Manager
Barite, Ma. Amor S. Cashier
Cheng, Greg Ian B. Bookkeeper
Lim, Febe Luna Y. Loans Officer
Gordiones, Jona Rose R. Teller
Enao, Rizaldo S. Monitoring Officer
Naonao, Princess Grace C. Jewelry Appraiser
Sumingcan, Raymond T. Account Officer
Basong, Dina Rose Loans Clerk - OBO
Llido, James Mel D. Account Officer
Ditucalan, Earl D. Account Officer-OBO
Cornelio, Annalyn L. Loans Bookkeeper
Caga-anan, Joann C. Loans Clerk
Barimbao, Mary Jane C. Jewelry Appraiser - OBO

Sindangan Branch

Name Position
Sapalo, Marlene M. Branch Manager
Bulan, Christine B. Cashier
Ocay, Gabriel N. Loans Officer
Anchari Clay C. Rebuyon Bookkeeper
Estrella, Dennis M. Monitoring Officer
Rodriguez, Ivy Joy L. Jewelry Appraiser
Cacho, Clara Jean G. Teller
Café, Harmon Ray P. Account Officer
Regencia Honeylyn A. New Accounts Clerk
Frando, Rhea Jane A. Loans Bookkeeper
Purton, Rutchen S. Loans Clerk
Galban, Elisar V. Account Officer